- klubben där dina drömmar blir verklighet.

Kvinnor, transpersoner och/eller intersexuella med ett intresse för BDSM och fetischer välkomnas.

Target group: Club Wish is run as an association for individuals who identify as women, transgender and/or intersex and live in this identity on a daily basis and have an interest in BDSMF.

Membership: Wish is a club for members, if you intend to participate in any of our parties or events and need to register as a member or renew your membership, email your full name to wishutskick@gmail.com at least four hours before the happening.

A membership in Wish costs 100 SEK/year and registration is on location. Admittance to our parties is normally 80 SEK and includes wardrobe. At the party you register as a member or renew your membership you receive a discount of 30 SEK and only pay 150 SEK for admittance + membership.

Parties: Wish usually has a party the last Thursday of every month at the SLM club-venue. It’s not possible to pay for admittance or in the bar with bank card so bring cash. Our normal opening hours are 19-00. Every other party we usually have a workshop that starts at 19 on a theme relevant for the party. The parties that don’t start with a workshop usually start with a meetup at the pub Sidetrack diagonally across the street at Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 7. There you can mingle with new and old members as well as with representatives from the board and go to the club together when 8 PM approaches. Don’t forget to read our calendar to get the latest party-info.

Dress code: Club Wish is a BDSM- and fetish club. Classic fetishes such as PVC, leather, latex, corsets and uniforms are always welcome, also naked skin, piercing and tattoos, or why not as a blue-collar worker with boots and work clothes. We often have themed parties and very much appreciate clothing that follows the theme. If you’re not dressed in fetish or theme based clothing we require that you dress according to basic black (black jeans or some other dark outfit).

Accessibility: Unfortunately there are stairs down to the venue and up to the changing room. The toilets have no room for a wheelchair or walking frame. In case you have questions about accessibility don’t hesitate to to email us at



  • What happens at Wish is of no concern to those who have not participated, hence we ask you to not spread this to others.

  • Safety and consent are key in BDSM. All play ALWAYS assume voluntary participation from all parties. Note that the word RED/RÖTT always applies as a safeword at Wish if You forget your own word.

  • Board members are permitted to stop ongoing play if we feel uncertain about a participant's consent.
  • Respect and acceptance are prerequisites for the right mood. Let others be undisturbed with what they’re doing or how they are. Degrading comments don’t belong here and a no is always a no! Don’t disturb the erotic play of others. Never borrow other's toys without consent. Respect those who wish to be undisturbed.
  • All photography is prohibited. Photography is not permitted for several reasons but mainly for our members integrity. This also applies to mobile phone cameras. Mobile phones can only be used at the entrance and for other reasons than photography. Wish crew can in specific circumstances use cameras if explicitly permitted by those being depicted.
  • Do not walk around barefoot in the venue.
  • Clean up after yourself. To give an example you are expected to clean up after using candle wax. Members who damage the venue or litter are required to pay for any damages that come as a result of restoring it to its previous shape.

Anyone who doesn’t follow the above rules, acts in a homo/trans/bi-phobic manner or is sexist (outside of a consented play) risks having their membership canceled immediately and be asked to leave the venue.

Policy for alcohol and drugs: All members who visit Wish are asked to drink responsibly both before and at the club. Members who are perceived as intoxicated at the entrance or during the club night may not be allowed to buy alcohol at the bar. Members can also be asked to leave the club and in some cases the membership can be cancelled. It’s not permitted to drink alcohol that you’ve brought with you. It’s also strictly forbidden to use, sell or buy illegal drugs. Any member who does this will see their membership cancelled and will be asked to leave the venue immediately. Glasses can not be brought outside the entrance.

We strive to create an atmosphere where people can feel safe and secure in their play. Therefore we can’t stress enough the importance of limiting your alcohol intake and being frank about the level of intoxication you might be under to your play partners. If you don’t intend to play yourself it’s still important to know that intoxicated individuals may have a negative impact on the safety of others. Don’t play with anyone too intoxicated.

Individuals who are disruptive may be asked to leave. More serious transgressions may result in the termination of membership. Being disruptive includes threatening and harassing other members with the aim to make them participate in BDSM-activities. A no is always a no and must be respected. The club leadership has the authority to warn or throw out disruptive members.

Club wish is created together with its members. Members are always welcome to leave both positive and negative feedback during events. In case someone has acted inappropriately and it doesn’t come to our attention during the event, then chances are slim that we can investigate it. If you feel ill (from alcohol or for some other reason) when you’re at the club then don’t hesitate to contact our crew who will gladly do what they can to help out. 

Address: We use the SLM club venue at Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 18 (gray garage door, use the bell to gain access).

Welcome to Club Wish Stockholm.  Please look at our fester or find more information true our meny up tp the left.